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Oven Cleaning Services

Clean Oven in Kent..

Oven Cleaning Services. Maidstone, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks.

Cleaning your Oven can be the hardest job in the kitchen!

Let us show you what your oven wants to look like

  • Appearance As New
  • Hygiene
  • Eliminate Cooking Smells
  • Eliminate Oven Smoking
  • Improved Oven Efficiency
  • Once Clean, Easier to Maintain
  • Improved Fan Blade Efficiency

Cleaning the oven is widely acknowledged to be one of the worst jobs in the kitchen.

It's often out of sight, out of mind!

And, because it is, it's put off until it's almost too dirty to even think about ! 

But.....Blade's does the hard & dirty work for you.

Our fully trained & experienced staff will remove all grease, fat and burnt on carbon deposits from your cooker's hob and oven with minimum disruption to your day.

And, your oven

  • Is ready to use immediately
  • With no waiting
  • No wasted time
  • Looks and Works as good as new!

Fresh products guaranteed every time for a clean, hygienic, efficient cooker & oven just as good as when new!
Get 10% off your clean

Introduce a Friend, Relative or Neighbour who have their oven cleaned when you do and both of you will receive a 10% discount!