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Frequently Asked Questions

How many cleaners at Blade?

Here at Blade we have a small dedicated team of 15 cleaners who are both full & part time.

What insurance do you offer?

Each cleaner is covered by our public liability and personal injury insurance. Giving you peace of mind, confident in the knowledge that your home and its contents are in Blade’s safe hands.

Will I have the same cleaner?

Yes you will have the same dedicated cleaner each week so you are completely comfortable with the person taking care of your home.

Do I have to be at home when the cleaner comes?

We are happy to use alarms & hold keys, which are securely locked away after each use and identified only by our code system not by addresses.

What happens if my cleaner sick or takes a holiday?

We will contact you immediately if your cleaner can not attend and send an alternative cleaner. If a holiday is booked we will give you notice and arrange for you to meet & greet your replacement cleaner in plenty of time.

Can I change my cleaner at any time?

If for any reason you are not completely comfortable with your cleaner we will allocate another without any questions.

Can I choose the days and times for my cleaning?

Wherever possible we try to give you exactly what you require at all times or at least the nearest to it.

Do you have to book a certain amount of hours cleaning?

All we ask is you book a minimum of two hours per clean.

Do you have both male and female cleaners?

Here at Blade we do not discriminate between sexes as we know both can make excellent cleaners however you can specify at the time of booking should you not want either sex.

Do you have cleaners working in teams?

We do have cleaners working in pairs especially on deep cleans or for bigger jobs but they also work solo.

How are Blade cleaners vetted and chosen?

Our cleaners are personally visited in their own home as part of our enrolment process and chosen by us for their experience, knowledge, capability & passion for cleaning. Before joining us each cleaner has their identity checked, provide us with two references which are then followed up. We have high standards which have to be met and we must be 100% happy before allocating our work to them.

What training does Blade offer?

A new cleaner maybe paired up with a more experienced cleaner to give them extra training should we feel they need it but only placed if it was acceptable with the client.

Does blade provide all cleaning products and equipment?

All cleaning products are provided unless a client prefers otherwise. We care about the environment so wherever possible we use Eco friendly products and recycle as much as possible. All we need you to give us is access to a fully working hoover and a mop & bucket because we feel it is more hygienic keeping it this way.

Does Blade offer an ironing service?

We do offer a collection and delivery service carried out by ironing experts who concentrate purely on the ironing needs of our clients.

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